Sunday, January 21, 2007

New Pictures

Takes forever to get pictures onto FLICKR without using their downloadable mass uploader.
This is a mosaic of some of my camera phone pictures. Not the best necessarily, but I was playing around.

As a recovering film student, it's hard not to look at the world in camera angles. I need to make a short project soon before I forget why I studied film in the first place.

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Does the World Really Need Legally Blonde: the Musical?

And they say Hollywood's out of ideas.

Also, based on the success of The Producers musical, Mel Brooks now wants to turn Young Frankenstein into one. Personally, he should do Blazing Saddles instead. That whole scene where cowboys eat beans by the campfire is just crying out to be put to song. They should use real beans for the sake of authenticity and provide gas masks for the front row patrons.

Once in a while you'll hear a rumor about some dolt trying to turn Batman into a musical theater piece.

I hate musical theater.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Thank You, Lost!

So the writers of LOST have said that they will not let the show go on for longer than it should. Maybe I'll finally start watching the damn show.

Someone has some sense in TV.

There's a reason I don't watch LOST it's called The X-Files. I loved The X-Files, but it let me down. Oh it let me down. I'm talking I-can't-believe-people-pay-money-to-watch-Bruckheimer-movies-level of letting me down. So if LOST wants to go out while the story still makes sense instead of going on for four unnecessary seasons, I'll all for it.

You know what the worst part of The X-Files was? That at the end of it all. The truth was still out there. You gotta be kidding me?

There's a point in a TV show like The X-Files where the mystery comes to it's apex and if you don't solve it soon, the audience will be pissed. Someone in charge decided to keep going past this point. And when you keep an audience hanging for longer than you should, you're suffering from something I like to call Mysterious Mysteries of Mysterious Mystery.

I've read a lot of screenplays since I've started writing and when reading amateur ones there's nothing I hate more than a story that suffers from MMoMM-syndrome.

Lets hope the people behind LOST live up their word.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

The Future Sucks Again

Remember back in the day when consumer electronic companies were putting digital clocks in every single product?

Coffeemaker? Needs a clock.
Fridge? Needs a clock.
Phones? They need a clock.
Stereos? How can I play music without a clock?

Nowadays playing MP3's is the new digital clock.

Your phone can play music. Your TV. Your PDA. Pretty soon, for the hell of it, they'll come up with a digital wrist watch that plays MP3's.

Do we really need refrigerators that play MP3's?

"Granddad, how come you're still alive?"
"Cause Granddad's pacemaker plays songs by Shakira."

Friday, January 12, 2007

You Can't Miss Being a Kid if You Never Stopped Being One

This one time I saw a guy on a unicycle riding through downtown. I wanna learn to do something completely useless just for fun. Like playing the harmonica.

I draw the line at playing handball, though. That's just dumb.

You know what I miss? Tag. I miss playing tag.

Forget ultimate frisbee, I want to start a Tag League. Who wants in? Can't you imagine it? Ten or so grown-ups running around, playing tag in a park for no reason? Can't think of anything better. And what better game? You don't even need a ball or any equipment and the rules are easier than your sister.

You could even keep stats on who was IT the least amount of time so you could crown a tag MVP. Okay, maybe not.

I want to play tag again. No backsies, of course.

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Sometimes I Can't Help But See the Strings

What's so hard about getting a group of people together for a print ad? Every time I see an ad with a crowd shot I can't help but see how all those people were photoshopped individually to form a crowd. None of those people were in a room together!

Same thing with movie posters. If the stars appear together, it just looks like they took separate pictures of them and slapped them together via computer.

Maybe I look to deep into these things.

Maybe it's just more cost effective to do it that way. Maybe getting a group of people together to take one picture is less effort than scheduling hundreds of individual pictures. Maybe they get pictures of people wholesale.

"Hey, I need a hundred engineers. Do you have any?"
"Hell I have pictures of 1,000 different people crying over spilt milk. I think I can swing some engineers."

Sometimes I can't help but see how staged everything is, not just advertising. Like everything in life has to be presented as something else or else we won't accept it.